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Airport — Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

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Airport     (E)
Despite its full name, Aeropuerto Internacional de Puerto Escondido, there are no regularly scheduled non-stop international flights in or out of Puerto Escondido (PXM). All flights abroad lead through México City and connect with MexicanaClick, Mexicana's low-cost affiliate, flying non-stop to/from Puerto Escondido 1-2 times a day depending on the season. Aerovega and Aerotucán are the only other carriers operating out of the airport, flying small prop planes to/from the city of Oaxaca (30 minutes), the flights replete with stunning views of the rugged southern coastal mountain range, the Sierra Madre del Sur. The airport itself is small and has few amenities, save a snack bar and a simple waiting area. For anyone wanting to fly direct to the Oaxacan coast, Huatulco is by far a better airport to fly into than Puerto Escondido, with many more daily flights and much lower fares, unless, of course, Puerto Escondido is the only destination.

Taxis (Mex$120) and colectivos (Mex$40) to the center of town can be picked up outside in front of the terminal. Alternatively, walk a block south to highway 200 and flag down one of the many colectivos heading east towards the center of town. No buses stop at the airport.

International airline passengers are charged a departure tax for leaving México, which is usually levied and paid for when they buy their tickets. Make sure that all tickets have this charge on it. Otherwise, this tax is levied at the time of departure and is only payable in pesos or US dollars (USD$38).

Immigration (Migración) and Customs (Aduana) are both located at the airport. Upon arrival, tourist permits for international passengers are stamped by immigration officials and customs declarations are made at the airport. (To expedite matters, both forms are usually provided in flight by the airlines.) Hang on to tourist permit for the duration of the trip. Upon departure, immigration officials will ask to see it. A lost or stolen tourist permit should always be replaced before leaving México. Otherwise, be prepared for hassles with immigration officials and a possible fine to boot. Besides, even though it might take a few hours, getting a replacement isn't that difficult. To get a replacement, bring proof of arrival date in México — stamped passport, copy of lost tourist permit, or airline ticket — to the Immigration office (www.inm.gob.mx) at the airport (954-582-3369).

For information on flying to/from/within México and the state Oaxaca, read the articles "International Air Travel México", "Domestic Air Travel México", "Getting Around Oaxaca By Air", and "Flights to Oaxaca."

Mexicana   Airline     (E)
MexicanaClick, an affiliate of Mexicana, flies non-stop 1-2 times a day to/from México City, depending on the day and season. There, it has numerous non-stop flights throughout México, the US, and Latin America; a few non-stop flights to Canada and Europe; and many connections with other airlines to destinations around the world.

Aerotucán   Airline     (E)
Aerotucán flies a 13-seat Cessna single-prop plane daily to/from the city of Oaxaca.

Aerovega   Airline     (V)
Flies a 7-seat Cessna dual-prop plane daily to/from the city of Oaxaca.

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