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Beach Safety — México

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México has some of the world's great beaches. If you go to the beach, be sure to enjoy yourself. Still, there are some dangers you should be aware of.

Depending on conditions all of México's beaches can have high surf, strong undertows, or riptides. This is especially true for the Pacific coast. Always inquire as to the conditions of the surf with a lifeguard if one is available or with locals before going in the water. If there are flags flying be aware that the international conventions are not always adhered to. Ask a lifeguard what the meaning is for the beach you are on.

Do not leave your belongings unattended while in the water. It is common for thieves to grab unattended valuables and run off with them.

Avoid going to the beach at night alone if its safety is unknown. Although not common, tourists usually walking alone in the evenings and the early morning hours have been attacked or robbed on secluded beaches. Inquire with locals about the safety of secluded beaches.

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