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Bus Travel From US — México

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Direct cross-border bus service is available between US cities (such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, and Houston and smaller regional cities in the border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas) and many northern Méxican cities. Once across the border, Méxican buses can be taken to the interior and far south. (Read the article "Bus Travel" for information on traveling by bus in México.) Since these cross-border buses are mostly used by Méxican workers in the US returning home, they're primarily advertised in the Spanish-language press — look for their ads there. Also, check the Yellow Pages phone directory, they're often advertised there as well, especially for cities in border states.

Although this list is not comprehensive, these bus lines offer cross-border services:

Autobuses Americanos www.autobusesamericanos.us 1-800-531-5332 Texas: Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Ft Worth, Houston, San Antonio; California: Colton, Los Angeles, Santa Ana; Denver, Colorado; Glendale, Arizona; Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Crucero www.crucero-usa.com 1-800-531-5332 Arizona, California, and Nevada. Check their website for specific cities.
Transportes Baldomero Corral www.tbcconexionphoenix.com Phoenix & Tuscon in Arizona to Sonora & Sinaloa.
Tufesa www.tufesa.com.mx Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah. Check their website for specific cities.

Greyhound is the main bus line in the US, providing service to most major US border cities, as well as direct service to some border cities in México. If direct cross-border bus service is not available from a city near you, take a Greyhound bus to a city with a border crossing, walk across the border to a Méxican bus station, and then catch a Méxican bus to the interior of country. They also have associate relationships with Méxican bus companies, so tickets can be booked through them to some cities in the interior of México. Call 800-231-2222 or 214-849-8100 or visit their website (www.greyhound.com) for schedule and fare information.

For the adventurous socially conscious traveler, Green Tortoise Adventure Travel runs bare-bones overland tours in sleeper coach buses from the US (usually San Francisco) to Mexico and Central America. The buses sleep thirty six and are reasonably comfortable. Most meals are communal. Check their website (www.greentortoise.com) or call 1-800-867-8647 toll-free US/Canada or 1-415-956-7500 for current tour information.

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