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Coffee Nuevo Mundo — Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

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NotesPickCheckMark.png   Café     $-$$     (C)
A favorite of coffee aficionados, this cozy coffeehouse, tucked away in an open-air hallway, just may brew the deepest and richest cup of java in the city, along with offering a modest assortment of tasty sandwiches and some truly exquisite sweet rolls. So far, so good. How, then, to explain the bagels, which, tragically, are buns masquerading as such? Bagel purists should steer clear. All is not lost, though, because right around the corner, Café Brújula, another of our favorites, offers authentic New York-style bagels con queso crema, and excellent coffee to boot. That said, the bagel failure aside, we still highly recommend Nuevo Mundo.

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