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Credit, Debit, & Prepaid Cards — México

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The most convenient way of making a purchase or withdrawing pesos from an ATM in México is with a bank debit card that works on a network such as Plus, Star, and Cirrus or with a major credit card such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Withdrawing cash from an ATM or making a purchase with a credit or debit card usually gives a better currency exchange rate than a bank or casa de cambio does for cash, although this savings may be offset by foreign transaction fees, generally between 2-5%.

Most businesses that cater to travelers or well-off Méxicans accept major credit and debit cards. Some business pass along credit and debit card transaction fees to their customers by charging for their use, while others present paying with cash as a discount in price.

Travelers who do not have a credit or debit card or are concerned about identify theft while using their personal cards should consider a prepaid debit card such as Visa TravelMoney. Prepaid debit cards are accepted everywhere in the world regular debit and credit cards are accepted. They are also reloadable, so as the card is drawn down more money can be added to it. Each card is issued a PIN code for ATM withdrawals making it as secure as a regular debit card and, if lost or stolen, it can be replaced just like a traveler's check.

Before choosing a prepaid debit card shop around and consider the fees carefully. Reload and monthly account maintenance fees, in particular, can be excessive. As a general rule, the more money added per reload, the cheaper the fees.

Every time a personal credit or debit card is used the card holders name, signature, card number, expiration date, and PIN number are all at risk of being stolen. Since no information is encoded on a prepaid debit card that points directly to the purchaser's bank or credit card information, it acts as a good shield against identity thieves.

Phone numbers to contact in México for lost or stolen credit cards:

American Express
55 5326 2929
Diners Club
55 5258-3220
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