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Domestic Air Travel — México

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Every major city in México has an airport, which is served by at least one national airline and/or smaller regional carriers; and many mid-size and small cities, especially tourist destinations, have smaller airports feeding hubs.

Mexicana and Aeroméxico are by far the two largest airlines in the country. Their main hubs are in México City, but they also have smaller regional hubs as well. There are other smaller carriers with a national reach — namely, Aeromar, Interjet, and Volaris. All the national airlines (listed below) have well-developed websites that allow online booking and most have offices conveniently located in the Centro of major cities or resort areas. Contact information for their local offices is listed on their websites.

The México City airport is the country's primary hub and has become a bottleneck for air traffic in México. The airport in Toluca, located about 30 miles (50km) west of México City, with many connections throughout México, is emerging as an alternative hub to the busy México City airport for domestic and international flights, and thus — along with a few of the other smaller, mostly regional hubs in the country, such as Cancún, Guadalajara, and Monterrey — has begun to alleviate some of the bottleneck.

Generally speaking, the level of service with Méxican airlines is good. A survey of Méxican airline passengers conducted in 2009, placed satisfaction with Mexicana and Aeroméxico above American Airlines and Continental, their two largest US-based competitors in México. And the smaller carriers, Volaris and Interjet, even bested their larger rivals, Mexicana and Aeroméxico.

In recent years, there has been a lot of turnover among Méxican airlines. At least, ten airlines have been either absorbed by larger carriers or shutdown because of financial troubles. Thus, the information on domestic air travel in this guide is the most likely to become obsolete the quickest. Always check with an airline directly or with a trusted travel agent for current information.


With Méxican airlines, airfare is dependent on the popularity of the route; the time of day, week, and year of the flight; and when the flight is booked.

Flights between Mexico’s capitals or regional hubs — Mexico city, Guadalajara, and Cancún — tend to be cheaper. On popular routes, such as between the airlines' major hubs and large cities, several carriers compete for passengers and flights are usually full. Competition among airlines and full planes drives down prices. So the more popular a route, the cheaper its ticket price. This even applies to long non-stop flights on popular routes, they may cost less than shorter non-stop flights on less popular routes. Among carriers, there is little variation in prices for a specific route.

Méxican airlines generally do not offer many promotional deals, although they appear to be getting better about this. Therefore, the options for saving money are limited and probably familiar to anyone who has flown much: book flights well in advance of the departure date and don't fly during peak travel times (high season, business hours, and weekends). Occasionally, booking a domestic flight in conjunction with an international round-trip ticket saves money.

For national airlines, the best way to get schedule and airfare information is through their websites or to call their toll-free numbers. For smaller regional airlines (far too numerous to list here), this information is sometimes hard to come by. While some small carriers have well-developed websites with schedule information booking services, others have no web presence at all. For locations covered in this guide, airport and airline contact information is always listed (check under listings for a particular destination). For locations not covered, check the local Yellow Pages (look under Aviación or to search online) or find a good travel agent (check with the front desk). Otherwise, a trip to the airport may be necessary. A peculiarity of Méxican airlines is they usually charge for a one-way ticket, so a round-trip is twice the cost.

If México is one stop on a longer journey, a Round-the-World ticket (RTW) or airpass could save money, especially for a ticket that has a Méxican airline as a member of an alliance of major airlines. For more information, read the Round-the-World ticket and Airpass section of the article "International Air Travel."

National Airlines

Airline Hub Website Phone
Aeroméxico, Aeroméxico Connect México City (MEX), Guadalajara (GDL), Monterrey (MTY) www.aeromexico.com México toll-free 01-800-021-4000, US & Canada toll-free 1-800-237-6639, UK
Mexicana, MexicanaClick, MexicanaLink México City (MEX), Cancún (CUN), Guadalajara (GDL) www.mexicana.com México toll-free 01-800-801-2010, US & Canada toll-free 1-800-353-8245, UK 08 08 10 17 600, in Ireland call London +44 0207 808 7160, Spain 900 975 226, Argentina 11-4136-4136, Brazil 11-3123-1800, Columbia 1-215-2626, Costa Rica (506) 2295-6969, Cuba 7-833-3532, El Salvador 2-252-9999, Guatemala 2333 6001, Panama 264-98-55, Venezuela 212-285-3118.
Aeromar México City (MEX) www.aeromar.com.mx Mexico toll-free 01-800-237-6627
Interjet Toluca (TLC) 1, México City (MEX) www.interjet.com.mx 01-800-011-2345
Magnicharters Monterrey (MTY) 2, México City (MEX) www.magnicharters.com.mx México toll-free 01-800-201-1404
VivaAerobus Monterrey (MTY) 2 www.vivaaerobus.com México 81-82-150-150
Volaris Toluca (TLC) 1, Tijuana (TIJ) www.volaris.com.mx México toll-free 01-800-122-8000, US toll-free 1-866-988-3527.


International Airport State Code Website Phone
Acapulco Guerrero ACA www.oma.bz 744-435-2060
x Agualeguas Nuevo León
Aguascalientes Aguascalientes AGU www.aeropuertosgap.com.mx 449-918-2806
x Alamos Sonora XAL
x Apatzingán Michoacán AZG
x Atizapán de Zaragoza Mexico JJC
x Campeche Campeche CPE www.asa.gob.mx
x Cananea Sonora CNA
Cancún Quintana Roo CUN www.cancun-airport.com 998-848-7200
x Cedros Island Baja California CDI
x Celaya Guanajuato CYW
x Chetumal Quintana Roo CTM www.asa.gob.mx
x Chichen Itza Yucatán CZA
Chihuahua Chihuahua CUU www.oma.bz 614-420-5104
x Chilpancingo Guerrero
x Ciudad Acuña Coahuila ACN
x Ciudad Constitución Baja California Sur CUA
x Ciudad del Carmen Campeche CME www.asa.gob.mx
Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua CJS www.oma.bz 656-611-3174
x Ciudad Mante Tamaulipas MMC
x Ciudad Obregón Sonora CEN www.asa.gob.mx
x Ciudad Victoria Tamaulipas CVM www.asa.gob.mx
x Colima Colima CLQ www.asa.gob.mx
Cozumel Quintana Roo CZM www.asur.com.mx 987-872-2081
x Cuernavaca Morelos CVJ www.asa.gob.mx
Culiacán Sinaloa CUL www.oma.bz 667-760-0670
Durango Durango DGO www.oma.bz 618-817-8898
Guadalajara Jalisco GDL www.aeropuertosgap.com.mx 33-3688-5248
Guanajuato Guanajuato BJX www.aeropuertosgap.com.mx 472-748-2120
x Guasave Sinaloa
x Guaymas Sonora GYM www.asa.gob.mx
Guaymas Sonora GYM www.asa.gob.mx 622-221-3442
x Guerrero Negro Baja California Sur GUB
Hermosillo Sonora HMO www.aeropuertosgap.com.mx 662-261-0000
Huatulco Oaxaca HUX www.asur.com.mx 958-581-9004
Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Guerrero ZIH www.oma.bz 755-554-2070
x Lagos de Moreno Jalisco LOM
La Paz Baja California Sur LAP www.aeropuertosgap.com.mx 612- 124-6307
x Lázaro Cárdenas Michoacán LZC
Loreto Baja California Sur LTO www.asa.gob.mx 613-135-0499
Los Cabos Baja California Sur SJD www.aeropuertosgap.com.mx 624-146-5111
x Los Mochis Sinaloa LMM www.aeropuertosgap.com.mx 668- 818-6870
Manzanillo Colima ZLO www.aeropuertosgap.com.mx 314-333-1119
x Matamoros Tamaulipas MAM www.asa.gob.mx
Mazatlán Sinaloa MZT www.oma.bz 669-982-2399
Mérida Yucatán MID www.asur.com.mx 999-946-1530
x Mexicali Baja California MXL www.aeropuertosgap.com.mx 686-552-2317
México City Distrito Federal MEX www.aicm.com.mx 55-2482-2424
x Minatitlán Veracruz MTT www.asur.com.mx 921-278-0064
x Monclova Coahuila LOV
Monterrey 2 Nuevo León MTY www.oma.bz 81-8288-7700
Monterrey (Del Norte) 3 Nuevo León NTR www.adelnorte.com.mx 81-8030-9090
Morelia Michoacán MLM www.aeropuertosgap.com.mx 443-313-6780
x Mulegé Baja California Sur MUG
x Navojoa Sonora
x Nogales Sonora NOG www.asa.gob.mx
x Nuevo Casas Grandes Chihuahua NCG
x Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas NLD www.asa.gob.mx
Oaxaca Oaxaca OAX www.asur.com.mx 951-511-50-88
x Pachuca Hidalgo
x Palenque Chiapas PQM www.asa.gob.mx
x Piedras Negras Coahuila PDS
x Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo PCM
x Poza Rica Veracruz PAZ www.asa.gob.mx
Puebla Puebla PBC www.aeropuertopuebla.com 227-102-5080
x Puerto Escondido Oaxaca PXM www.asa.gob.mx 954-582-0491
x Puerto Peñasco Sonora PPE
Puerto Vallarta Jalisco PVR www.aeropuertosgap.com.mx 322-221-1298
Querétaro Querétaro QRO www.aiq.com.mx 442-192-5500
Reynosa Tamaulipas REX www.oma.bz 899-958-0563
x Saltillo Coahuila SLW
x San Cristóbal de las Casas Chiapas SZT www.asa.gob.mx
x San Felipe Baja California SFH
San Luis Potosí San Luis Potosí SLP www.oma.bz 444-822.2119
x San Luis Río Colorado Sonora UAC
x Santa Rosalía Baja California Sur PVP
Tampico Tamaulipas TAM www.oma.bz 833-228-0571
x Tamuín San Luis Potosí TSL www.asa.gob.mx
Tapachula Chiapas TAP www.asur.com.mx 962-626-4189
x Tehuacán Puebla TCN www.asa.gob.mx
x Tepic Nayarit TPQ www.asa.gob.mx
Tijuana Baja California TIJ www.aeropuertosgap.com.mx 664-607-8200
x Tizimín Yucatán TZM
Torreón Coahuila TRC www.oma.bz 871-716-6393
Toluca 1 México TLC www.aeropuertointernacionaldetoluca.com 722-273-1544
x Tuxpan Jalisco TUX
x Tuxtla Gutiérrez Chiapas TGZ
x Uruapan Michoacán UPN www.asa.gob.mx
Veracruz Veracruz VER www.asur.com.mx 229-934-9008
Villahermosa Tabasco VSA www.asur.com.mx 993-356-0157
x Xalapa Veracruz JAL
Zacatecas Zacatecas ZCL www.oma.bz 478-985-0338
x Zamora Michoacán ZMM

1 Toluca, located about 30 miles (50km) west of México City, is the capital of the state of México.
2,3 Monterrey has two airports — General Mariano Escobedo and Del Norte. General Mariano Escobedo is the city's main airport and most international flights arrive and depart there.
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