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Embassies & Consulates — México City, Distrito Federal

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Most countries with a lot of visitors to México maintain an embassy in México City, and some, depending on depth of ties between countries and citizens' needs, maintain consular offices outside the capital.

Common services provided are replacement of lost or stolen passports, acting as a point of contact for citizens arrested abroad, financial assistance if destitute, medical assistance during emergencies, citizens registering their presence in México in case of emergency, and assistance during natural disasters or other crises. If arrested the first thing you should do is call your embassy or consulate.

Services vary by country. To get a better idea of the services your country provides its citizens, check its website listed below. Most are useful and worth consulting. If a country's embassy is not listed, check the México City Airport website, www.aicm.com.mx, it has a complete list of all embassies in the city.

Travelers considering a visit to one of México's neighbors — United States, Guatemala, Belize, or Cuba — should consult with the country's embassy or consulate or check its website for visa requirements.

Australian Embassy  (A)
Australian Embassy & Consulates   Katrina Cooper is the Australian Ambassador to México.

Belize Embassy  (Y)
Belizean Embassy & Consulates   Rosendo Antonio Urbina is the Belize Ambassador to México.

Canadian Embassy  (C)
Canadian Embassy & Consulates   Guillermo E. Rishchynski is the Canadian Ambassador to México. Travelers should contact the Consular Section for assistance.

Cuban Embassy  (U)
Cuban Embassy & Consulates   Manuel Francisco Aguilera de la Paz is the Cuban Ambassador to México.

French Embassy  (F)
French Embassy & Consulates   Daniel Parfait is the French Ambassador to México.

German Embassy  (G)
German Embassy & Consulates   Dr. Roland Michael Wegener is the German Ambassador to México.

Guatemalan Embassy  (M)
Guatemalan Embassy & Consulates   Dr. Jose Luis Chea Urruela is the Guatemalan Ambassador to México.

Irish Embassy  (I)
Irish Embassy & Consulates   Dermot Brangan is the Irish Ambassador to México.

Italian Embassy  (T)
Italian Embassy & Consulates   Felice Scauso is the Italian Ambassador to México.

Japanese Embassy  (J)
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs only provides consular services in México through the Embassy in México City.

Netherlands Embassy  (N)
Netherlands Embassy & Consulates   Cora Minderhoud is the Dutch Ambassador to México.

New Zealand Embassy  (Z)
Cecile Hillyer is the New Zealand Ambassador to México. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade only provides consular services in México through the Embassy in México City.

Spanish Embassy  (E)
Spanish Embassy & Consulates   Carmelo Angulo Barturen is the Spanish Ambassador to México.

United Kingdom Embassy  (B)
United Kingdom Embassy & Consulates   Timothy Giles Paxman is the British Ambassador to México.

United States Embassy  (S)
United States Embassy & Consulates   Antonio O. Garza, Jr. is the United States Ambassador to México. American citizens should contact the Consular Section first for assistance.

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