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Emergencies — Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

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In an emergency, the best thing you can do is to try and stay calm. If you are arrested, your first phone call should be to your country’s embassy or consulate.

México Country Code: 52, Oaxaca Area Code: 951
Red Cross Ambulance 065, 516-4455, 516-4003
Emergencies in the city 060
Fire 068
Emergencies in the state 066
Green Angels Highway Assistance 078
Center for the Protection of Tourists 502-1200 x1595
Immigration 502-0004
Federal Consumer Protection Agency 513-1399
Consulate of the United States 514-3054, 516-2853, cell# 044-951-547-1185
Consulate of Canada 513-3777, 01 (800) 706-2900
Tourist Police 551-0005
Municipal Police 060, 502-0004, 516-0400, 516-0555, 516-0455
Municipal Transit Police 512-6606, 512-6614
State Transit Police 572-5800, 572-5801, 572-5802, 572-5803
Federal Preventative Police 518-7870, 518-7871
Civil Protection 144-7027, 144-7028, 144-7029, 01-800-170-7070

Centro de Protección al Turista   Emergencies     (U)
If you are the victim of crime or in an accident, contact the Center for the Protection of Tourists (CEPROTUR).

Instituto Nacional de Migración   Emergencies,Visa     (K)
A lost or stolen tourist permit should always be replaced before leaving México. Otherwise, be prepared for hassles with immigration officials and a possible fine to boot. Besides, even though it might take a few hours, getting a replacement isn't that difficult. To get a replacement, bring proof of arrival date in México — stamped passport, copy of lost tourist permit, or airline ticket — to the Immigration office (www.inm.gob.mx) at the airport. to any Migración office. To extend your stay, bring your tourist permit. There's another Migración office at the Oaxaca airport.

Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor   Consumer Protection, Emergencies     (T)
The Federal Consumer Protection Agency's (PROFECO) mission is to protect the rights of consumers in México. They have a good track record for helping consumers. Anyone who thinks they've been overcharged or received sub-par service or goods should file a complaint with them.

Green Angel Highway Assistance — Mexico

Green Angels   The federally funded Green Angels (Angeles Verdes) provides "free" roadside assistance daily from 8 am - 8 pm and 24 hour service during peak holidays. Green Angel drivers can't fix every repair, but they can tackle some minor repairs and services. Every agent has on hand basic spare parts, tires, gasoline, and oil. The service call is free. They charge for oil, gas, and parts. Most drivers speak good English. Tips are not required. However, they are allowed and welcomed. Dial 078 from any land line or cell phone in México to reach the national hotline. An operator will dispatch a local Green Angel to assist you.

Red Cross Ambulance   Medical Services, Emergencies     ()
For an ambulance, call the Red Cross (Cruz Roja) by dialing 065 from any land line or cell phone.

Policía Municipal   Emergencies     (X)
In case of serious crimes like robbery and assault in Oaxaca City contact the Municipal Police. For emergencies dial 060 from any land line or cell phone in the city.

Canadian Consulate   Canadian Embassy & Consulates     (R)
Honorary Consul is Frances May. For after-hour emergencies, Canadian citizens should contact the consulate at 01-800-706-2900 or call Ottawa toll-free at 001-800-514-0129.

United States Consulate   United States Embassy & Consulates     (S)
This small consulate office is an extension of the Embassy in México City. Mark A. Leyes is the Consular Agent. For after-hours emergencies, American citizens should call 044-951-547-1185.

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