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Flying from Latin America — México

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There are non-stop flights from many major cities and capitals in Latin America to México City, as well as few to Cancún.

México's two largest domestic carriers — Mexicana and Aeroméxico — have good coverage throughout Latin America: Mexicana flies non-stop from Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Bogotá, Caracas, San José, Panama City, San Salvador, Guatemala City, and Havana to México City and non-stop from Bogotá and San José to Cancún; Aeroméxico flies non-stop from Buenos Aires, Santiago, São Paulo, Lima, Bogotá, and San José to México City.

In addition to Mexicana and Aeroméxico, try Avianca from Bogotá, Copa from Panama City, TACA from San Salvador, Gol from São Paulo, and Cubana from Havana.

A quick way to figure out carrier, route, and fare options is to check a few of the travel search websites such as www.travelocity.com and www.expedia.com.

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