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Hitchhiking — México

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Hitchhiking is dangerous and not recommended in México, particularly in the north along the border with the US. Travelers who do decide to hitch should be aware that they are taking an extreme risk and consigning their safety to a stranger.

That said, hitching is a common way off getting to some out of the way places that are not served by buses.

If you do decide to hitch, do it in pairs and let someone know your plans. Women in particular (even in pairs) are at greater risk of robbery, violent crime, and sexual assault. A safer combination would be a man and woman hitching together.

Some other rules for hitching:

  • If for any reason you feel uncomfortable about the situation back out immediately. This is not the time to be concerned about about someone else's feelings.
  • If your ride is a commercial vehicle offer to pay them an amount equivalent to the bus fare.
  • Find out where the driver is going before getting in. Do not state where you are going first.
  • Sit next to the door with your bags at hand in case you think you need to leave in a hurry.
  • If you become worried about the situation pretend to be carsick to get the driver to pull over and get out.
  • Only get dropped off in or near a city, town, or village not some remote area.
  • Do not hitch in areas where highway robbery is a known problem.
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