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Hostels — México

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Sleep sack or Linens

Some hostels charge extra for linen or they allow guests to provide their own. A convenient alternative to paying or to hauling a full set of linens around México is a sleep sack.

Sleep sacks are sold at linen, travel, and outdoor adventure stores. In the US, REI, www.rei.com, has many to select from in the USD$20-40 range. Most have built-in pillow cases.

And easy alternative is sew one up cheaply out of an old bed sheet. Fold a bed sheet in half lengthwise. Then, sew it across one short side and two thirds of the way up the open long side. Make sure to pack a pillow case as well.


Hostels normally do not provide towels. Small, easily packed, highly absorbent synthetic towels, like backpackers use, are a good choice for drying off after a shower, as well as the beach. Look for them in travel and outdoor adventure stores.

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