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Hotels — Santa Cruz de Huatulco, Bahía de Santa Cruz, Bahías de Huatulco, Oaxaca

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There are no budget hotels in Santa Cruz de Huatulco, or anywhere else on or near the beaches in Bahías de Huatulco. For cheap hotels, check the listings in La Crucecita. Travelers looking for bargains on or near the beaches will find the best rates for mid-range hotels in Bahía Chahué. Still, there are some mid-range hotels in Santa Cruz Huatulco. The best deals can usually be found by just showing up and haggling for a lower rate, especially for stays for a week or more. Good deals, however, can sometimes be found online.

*Normally, the Google street map view is displayed. Unfortunately, the alignment of the map with latitude and longitude points is skewed for Santa Cruz Huatulco. What's more, the entire harbor is missing from this view, and the its omission makes the street view unusable. The satellite view, however, is well aligned and shows the harbor, so we've opted to use it instead.

Hotel Playa Santa Cruz, $$

  • Calle Mitla 304, south of Benito Juárez
phone 958-587-1661, cell 044-109-587-9874

Although this place is a little run down, it probably has the lowest prices in Santa Cruz Huatulco. Starting at MX$450 for singles, the rooms are pretty basic, although they have all the amenities you'd expect, such as AC, fan, wifi, cable TV. There's also a small pool in the back. It also only a short two blocks from the playa and plaza.Template:MéxicoOaxacaBahíasdeHuatulcoBahíadeSantaCruzCategory

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