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Listings — La Crucecita, Bahías de Huatulco, Oaxaca

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ADO Bus Station

  • Bahía Riscalillo 108, corner Blvd. Chahué
958-582-0259; 800-702-8000; www.ticketbus.com.mx

ADO GL, ADO, OCC, Ecobus, and AU lines runs buses out of this modern bus terminal, nine short blocks north of the Zócalo.

Central de Autobúses Huatulco

  • Carpinteros, just north of Blvd. Chahué
958-582-0259; 800-702-8000; www.ticketbus.com.mx

Estrella Blanca, Turistar, and Futura bus lines run out of this other terminal on Carpintero, about a quarter mile northwest of the ADO station, just north of Blvd. Chahué, across from the large Pemex station, which is closed.


  • Sabali 1504, corner Bugambilla
(958)587-1233; www.hsbc.com.mx; 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Money exchange and ATM withdrawal

Bancomer ATM

  • Corner of Gardenia and Flamboyán, southwest corner of Zócalo

Santander ATM

  • Corner of Gardenia and Flamboyán, southwest corner of Zócalo

Bannorte Bank, ATM

  • Corner of Guamuchil and Chahué

ATM and bank branch for exchanging money.

La Probadita

  • Bugambilia 501, one block south of the Zócalo
(958)587-1641, 587-1186; www.laprobadita.com.mx

Large selection of the best that the state has to offer — mezcals, chocolate, mole pastes, and chapulines, dry, crunchy red grasshoppers, a local delicacy.

Iglesia de la Crucecita

  • Gardenina, west side of the Zócalo

Late 19th-century church with the largest painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe in México sprawled across the length of ceiling of the nave.

Plateréa Maitl

  • Guamuchil, just east of Zócalo

For some of the finest jewelery the silversmiths of Taxco, a small silver mining town outside of México City, have to offer, especially rings, try Plateréa Maitl.

Mantelería Escobar

  • Cocotillo 217, corner Bugambilias, three blocks south of the Zócalo
958-587-0532; 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Let the rhythmic thumping of the century-old looms guide you to this this family owned and operated workshop, which spins together high quality bedspreads, curtains, tablecloths, and place mats by hand. Customs orders can be turned around in a few days, so plan accordingly.

Plaza Madero

  • Guamuchil, one block east of the Zócalo

Small modern mall with a food court, a few clothing stores, a surf shop, internet cafe, and a four screen movie theater.

Searching for fares, taxis swarm all over the downtown area throughout the day and late into the night, and can be flagged down anywhere, especially along the main north-south streets — Gardenia, Bugambilia, and Carrizal.

Nevertheless, here's a couple of the important taxi stands to be aware of downtown:

Taxi Stand, Zócalo
The whole east side of the Zócalo, along Bugambilia, is a taxi stand, and the best place to catch a cab back to playas after a late dinner downtown.

Taxi Stand, Plaza Madero Mall

  • Guamuchil, the entire block between Carrizal and Blvd. Chahué


  • Garumbo, half-block west of Bugambilias;
7:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. Mon - Sat

Internet Café with long hours

Bancomer ATM

  • Flamboyán, next door to the Tostado Grill, south side of the Zócalo
This abarrote has a small but respectable selection of wines, mostly from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Spain.

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