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Luggage — México

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Regular suitcases and trunks work fine when visiting a resort, or maybe a single location or two, but they're too cumbersome, even when they have wheels, for the mobile traveler. Experienced travelers who plan on moving around a lot pare their luggage down until it's small enough for airline carry on. Either way, not checking luggage relieves the physical burden of excess baggage, removes the possibility of lost luggage by airlines, and avoids time-consuming check-in lines, making for a simpler trip. Their rules change, but airlines currently restrict carry on to a single bag, not to exceed 45" (114 cm) in combined length, width, and height, and one small personal item, such as a purse, shoulder bag, or small day backpack.

For the small bag, choose something that can double as a day bag. When in transit, carry all valuables and essentials in it, such as cash, travelers checks, cameras, film, memory cards, credits cards, passports, prescription drugs, and tickets, and at all times keep it within arms reach. As for the larger bag, choose something that can be stowed in the overhead bins on airplanes and easily hauled around, like a sturdy internal-frame backpack, and in it pack everything else. Bus overhead bins are often smaller than airline. In these cases, stow the larger bag in the bus cargo holds, and make sure to always get a receipt.

For more information on packing for México, read the article "What to bring—México."

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