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Mercado 20 de Noviembre — Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

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NotesPickCheckMark.png   Market, Oaxacan Restaurants, Mezcal     $-$$     (A)
O.K., folks, this place is it, the real deal – a whole city block of food stalls catering to locals and serving only authentic Oaxacan food, all for only a few pesos. For breakfast, head straight to the La Pereñita food stall and order a righteous cup of steaming champurrado, atole mixed with chocolate, which goes down nicely with a roll of pan de yema, egg-yolk bread. Outside, ringing the market, there are several well-stocked mezcal shops, making this a good place to pick up a bottle at a bargain. Be sure to sample the product before buying.

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