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Neighborhood — San Felipe del Agua, Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

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San Felipe del Agua notes...

Templo de San Felipe Apóstol   Colonial Church     (T)

  • Located on Hidalgo, the main road into San Felipe del Agua;  San Felipe del Agua.  

El Cipres   Oaxacan, Vegetarian     $$$     (C)
Not yet reviewed.

Cerro San Felipe • Vigorous Mountain Hike
Not yet reviewed. Parque Comunal de San Felipe trailhead and guard station. Guide is mandatory

  • Corner of plaza.   San Felipe del Agua.

Amigos del Sol   Spanish Language School     (O)
Located in the San Felipe del Agua neighborhood, a ten minute drive north of the Centro Histórico, Amigos del Sol offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced grammar and conversation-based general Spanish language classes. Extracurricular activities and workshops include intercambio, day trips, and Oaxacan cooking classes. For convenience, there is a daily shuttle service from El Llano park (Pino Suárez 802) to the school. See their website for shuttle details. Homestays, bed & breakfasts, and hostels are available.

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