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Newspapers & Magazines — Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

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Oaxaca Times is a free bimonthly English-language newspaper that carries historical and cultural feature articles geared towards travelers and expats. They also publish the schedule of movies playing at the popular Cineclub El Pochote. Their classified section is a great resource for apartment rentals, real estate, and English-speaking medical professionals. The newspaper can be found in most places around town where travelers and expats frequent. Unfortunately, except for the classifieds, their website www.oaxacatimes.com is almost content free.

For local, national, and international news, the newspaper and magazine vendors around the Zócalo carry these papers among others.

  • The News is a English-language national daily newspaper published in México City. They publish their own articles on national issues but the international articles are mostly wire-service reports from US sources.
  • La Jornada is a Spanish-language national daily newspaper published in México City.
  • Noticias is Spanish-language newspaper that is a good source for local news and apartment and housing rental ads.

For listings of art and cultural exhibitions and events, there are number of good resources:

  • El Jorgorio Cultural is a monthly booklet published in Spanish with listings of mostly art exhibits in the museums. It also has some short articles on the art, culture, and history of Oaxaca. (www.eljolgoriocultural.net)

  • The best resource for finding out about the almost daily free art, music, dance, and other cultural events taking place throughout the city is Agenda Cultural, a monthly booklet published in Spanish by the Oaxaca Secretaria de Cultura. (cultura.e-oaxaca.gob.mx, oaxaca.gob.mx/cultura) During the high seasons, there are often several events and exhibitions happening a day, many taking place in the Zócalo.

Look for these booklets and fliers in popular cafés and other places travelers frequent. Most events are free.

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