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Ocotlán de Morelos, Oaxaca

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Mercado Morelos, Market
Every Friday morning the tarps and tables come out and this normally tranquil south valley transportation hub is transformed into a sprawling, open-air market, the streets surrounding the Zócalo and the warehouse-like Mercado Morelos overflowing with vendors, the scale of the market rivaling Abastos in the city of Oaxaca. And just like Abastos, it’s all here – sturdy campesino hats made of straw, live chickens and turkeys, passively awaiting their slaughter, leather crafted belts, satchels, and horse saddles, hand woven garments and rugs, as wells as cheap, mass-produced shirts, pants, and dresses, every fruit and vegetable grown in the region, large strips of meat laid out or hanging from hooks, baskets full of dried fish, a wide assortment of farming tools, the list goes on.

  • Morelos, southwest corner of the Zócalo

Aguilar Sisters, Pottery
The four Aguilar sisters, Josefina, Guillermina, Concepcion, and Irene, sell their pottery and clay figures and run workshops out of their shops, lined up one after the other along the main highway into Ocotlán.

  • North side of Ocotlán on Highway 175, on the west side of the highway, just south of the Hotel Real de Ocotlán; 9 am - 6 pm daily; (951) 571-0334


Zócalo, Central Plaza
Templo de Santo Domingo Ocotlán, Colonial Church

  • Corner of Morelos and 16 de Septiembre, behind the Palacio Municipal

Ex Convento de Santo Domingo Ocotlán, Colonial Monastery, Museum

  • Corner of Zaragoza and Maximmano Amador, the southeast corner of Zócalo ; Mex$15

Palacio Municipal, Colonial Monastery, Museum
Stop into the municipal offices and see the large mural that Rodolfo Morales spent fifty years, on and off, painting.

Fundación Cultural Rodolfo Morales, Cultural Foundation

  • Morelos 108, one block north of the Zocalo; (951) 571-0198; www.fcrom.org.mx; fundacionmorales@fcrom.org.mx


Hungry but not up to eating at one the food stalls, or maybe just needing a break from the Friday crowds, try one of these two restaurants:

Coffee Break, Continental, $-$$
Coffee Break serves up excellent coffee, along with substantial-sized sandwiches, baguettes, and crepes, on the second floor terrace of the Las Portales shopping plaza, with excellent views of the Zócalo and Friday market below.

  • Zaragoza, northeast corner of Zócalo; daily 8 am - 10 pm

Marisquería Rocamar La Cubaña, Seafood, $$-$$$
Marisquería Rocamar La Cubaña serves a full range of excellent seafood. Not wanting to get too filled up? Try the spicy Sopa de Mariscos, with crab, jumbo gulf shrimp, octopus, and a nice hunk of pescado, skin included.

  • Highway 175, about half north of the Zócalo, just north of Pemex gas station; daily 8 am - 7 pm


Hotel Rey David, Hotel, $
Nice, clean rooms with an artistic touch.

  • 16 de Septiembre 248, two blocks west of the Templo de Santo Domingo Ocotlán; rooms with 1 bed Mex$200, 2 beds Mex$300; phone (951) 571-1248; www.hotelreydavid.com;
  • parking
  • Room: cable TV, air conditioning, 24 hour hot water, private bathroom

Hotel Real de Ocotlán, Hotel, $
Upscale hotel.

  • Morelos 500, corner Porfirio Díaz, about half a mile north of the Zocalo; Mex$300 - 800; phone (951) 539-6514, 539-6075; www.hotelreydavid.com; realdeocotlan@hotmail.com, almadeliaojeda@hotmail.com
  • Swimming pool, parking, restaurant, on-site massage, laundry, taxi service, medical service, and currency exchange
  • Room: cable TV, fan, 24 hour hot water, private bathroom, phone, wifi


Public Restroom
There's a clean public restroom on the first floor of the Las Portales shopping plaza (Mex$3).
Banamex, Bank/ATM

  • Xicotencatl, north side of the Zócalo; 9 am - 4 pm Mon - Fri; ATM 24 hrs

Scotiabank, Bank/ATM

  • Xicotencatl, north side of the Zócalo; 8:30 am - 4 pm Mon - Fri; ATM 24 hrs

Bancomer, Bank/ATM

  • Morelos, west side of the Zócalo; 8:30 am - 4 pm Mon - Fri; ATM 24 hrs

Getting there and away


Oaxaca City

Automorsa runs scruffy second-class buses (Mex$14) and modern vans (Mex$18) between the city of Oaxaca and Ocotlán on Monday through Friday from 6:15 a.m. until 10 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. In the city of Oaxaca, buses and vans leave for Ocotlán from the small station at Miguel Cabrera 301, just south of Zaragoza. In Ocotlán, buses and vans leave for the city of Oaxaca from the bus stop at the northeast corner of the Zócalo, right out in front of the modern Las Portales shopping plaza. Buses and vans both drop passengers off in the city of Oaxaca at the bus station on Bustamante 606, a couple of blocks away from the Miguel Cabrera station.

Colectivos leave from the city of Oaxaca for Ocotlán from the stand southeast of Abastos market. Colectivos leave from the north side of the Zócalo in Ocotlán for the city of Oaxaca and drop passengers off near Abastos market.


San Jacinto Ocotlán

Magdalena Ocotlán

Ejutla de Crespo


Santa Catarina Minas

San Baltazar Chichicapam

San Pablo Guilá

San Dionisio Ocotepec

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