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Personal Safety — México

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The best way stay safe while traveling in México is to try and blend in as much as possible. Méxicans generally dress conservatively. In beach cities and resorts casual dress is socially acceptable and exposed skin on the arms, legs, and midriff for both men and women is fine. In the rest of the country, in particular the interior cities, dress is much more conservative. Men never wear shorts and woman are usually completely covered. Exposed skin there would definitely stand out. No matter how you dress or try to remake the way you look, you're still going to look like a gringo. Nevertheless, the more conservative you dress, the less attention you will draw to yourself.

Being aware of your surroundings is important to personal safety. If you accidentally find yourself in a place or area that does not feel safe try not to look or act like a mark. Walk away with your arms and hands loose at your sides, not crossed in front of you. Don't act cocky, just project confidence.

Check guidebooks and maps in restaurants or in shops, not on the street.

Solo travelers should always let someone know their whereabouts. Going out late at night in groups is safer than alone. If possible hook up with other travelers and stay on busy, well-lit, streets.

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