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Playa Bocana, Bahías de Huatulco, Oaxaca

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At the far eastern end of the Bahías de Huatulco, the Rio Copalita spills into the Pacific at the Playa Bocana, cleaving the beach in half. Playa Bocana appears to be the beach of choice of surf instructors for their novice students. In the Fall, the river is usually still running. To walk the entire beach, you'll need to swim across the narrow the river, not difficult for good swimmers. Nonetheless, walk a short distance up river and swim with the current to ford it. By January however, the river should have receded enough to just trudge across.

Colectivos are MX$15 from La Crucecita. To return to any location to the west, flag down a taxi or colectivo on Benito Juarez at the turnoff to the beach.

Villa Escondida, $$$$-$$$$$

  • Benito Juárez
phone 958-583-0200, 958-587-2778; toll-free 01-800-227-4727; www.villaescondida.com.mx

Restaurante Los Güeros, $$-$$$

  • Playa Bocana, left of parking circle

Right on the beach, this palapa covered restaurant is the perfect place to hang out and enjoy a cold cervezas or agua frescas, while surfing or swimming the beach. The menu is all seafood (MX$100 or more) and antojitos (MX$50 - 100).

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