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Playa La Boquilla, Oaxaca

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Nestled deep within the craggy coast of Oaxaca, well-protected from the powerful Pacific surf, Playa la Boquilla is a 200 meter long crescent strip of sand, tamed waves lapping gently upon its shores, idyllic for families with small children or anyone looking for a laid-back experience. Indeed, the only ruckus the beach ever experiences is the occasional snorkel tour boat pulling ashore.

Playa la Boquilla is a short 7 km (4.3 miles) from Puerto Angel. The most straight forward way to get to there from Puerto Angel is by taxi (MX$60).

A cheaper, albeit more strenuous, alternative is to take a Pochutla-bound colectivo (MX$10) or camioneta (MX$5) from the sitio one block north of the pier. The road to the beach is well marked, with signs for La Boquilla and the Bahia de la Luna hotel. With no mototaxis or colectivos running to the beach, the only way to get there is on foot. A sign on the highway says it is 2 km to the beach, but, in fact, it is 3 (1.9 miles). About half a kilometer in the road forks, go left. Otherwise, all the side roads are clearly side roads. The road is fairly well maintain and slopes downhill, except for the last half kilometer or so, which is rutted and fairly steep.

Lastly, all the snorkel tour boats out of Puerto Angel stop here.

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