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San Agustín Etla, Oaxaca

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From Oaxaca City colectivos (MX$12) leave frequently from the sitio on Trujano, west of Periférico Sur and north the Abastos market. Running north-south, San Agustín Etla is sprawled out along the main road, Independencia, for about five kiometers.

To find El Rincón de San Agustín Etla, follow the main road into town for about 3 kilometers until it, the road, makes a sharp left turn. Turn right instead and go straight until you pass over a bridge. Turn right immediately after passing over the bridge. Just ahead is a small unmarked and unimproved dirt road. Follow the dirt road, which parallels a brisk stream, for about 300 meters until you see the small wooden sign on the left for El Rincón de San Agustín Etla. If you're taking a colectivo the driver may drop you off at the beginning of dirt road if its muddy.

Colectivo drivers will know where the Centro de las Artes San Agustín is, as well as the Taller de Arte Papel Oaxaca, maybe a hundred meters downhill from CASA. (See map.) If you're driving just continue along the main road until you come to tall, white church with three spires. CASA is behind it.

To find Taller de Arte Papel Oaxaca, turn right when you come the three-spired church, following the cobblestone street downhill for about 100 meters, the street looping to the left and then right. When you come to Calle Soledad the Taller de Arte Papel Oaxaca is off to the left.

To return to the city by colectivo, just flag one down anywhere along Independencia heading back to the city.

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