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San Antonio Arrazola, Oaxaca

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Colectivos (MX$9) leave frequently from the sitio on the south east side of the Abastos market. Urbanos buses leave frequently from the Central, the second-class bus station, north of the Abastos market.

If you're taking a colectivo or taxi get dropped off in front the Casa de Artesanías, which houses the carvings of several families. Heading uphill (north), both sides Calle Emiliano Zapata are lined with shops selling Alebrijes. One of the first shops you come to is Pepe Santiago (on the right), which probably has the largest selection of carvings in town. The mountain to the right (east) has the ruins of Monte Alban atop it. If you look carefully you can see the tops of some of the ruins. Continuing uphill for a block, turn left at Independencis, and continue for a block until you come to Alvaro Obregon. Turn left again and for the next block there several more shops, some actually homes, workshops, displays on both sides of the street. These are families of artisans. Their homes are often their workshops and displays. Multiple generations usually work on the carvings. Some prominent families are the Castellanos, Lopez, Morelos, and Ramirez families. They all have displays on either Emiliano Zapata or Alvaro Obregon streets or both. If you have the time and inclination, there are several other shops and families scattered around town displaying their carvings

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