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San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya, Oaxaca

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Templo y Convento de San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya — Oaxaca

From the city of Oaxaca, colectivos (Mex$12), originating from the sitio southeast of the Abastos market, and buses, originating from the main second-class bus station north of the Abastos market, stop at the sitio across the street from the baseball stadium northeast of the Centro, before continuing on to San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya. The same colectivos (Mex$8) and buses (Mex$5), if they're not full, pass through Santa María del Tule and can be taken from the traffic light on the main road, Benito Juarez, to San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya. Probably the quickest way to get there, though, is to take any bus or colectivo from the sitio and bus stop across from the baseball stadium in the city of Oaxaca that is going anywhere east of Tlacochahuaya, such as Teotitlan, Tlacolula, or Mitla, and get let off at the intersection of Highway 190 and the road to Tlacochahuaya. This road is well marked. From there, mototaxis will drop you off in front of the church. The same goes for getting there from Santa María del Tule, take any east bound colectivo or bus. To return to Oaxaca or Santa María del Tule, colectivos and buses depart from the sitio and bus stop a half block down the hill from the church. The church is open every day dependably from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. and 4 - 6 p.m. Visiting the church is free, but a Mex$5-10 donation is requested to help pay for the continuing restoration efforts.

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