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San José Chacalapa, Oaxaca

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Getting there by colectivo from Pochutla
On the main road north through Pochutla (Miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz, also Highway 175, which goes to the city of Oaxaca), about a half a mile north of the main bus terminal, is the stand for colectivos to Chacalapa (Mex$7). If you're taking a colectivo from Puerto Angel, or one of the other beach towns, they stop south of this stand so you'll have to walk the rest of the way from the colectivo's turnaround point. Your colectivo driver may take you all the way there for a few more pesos, however. The colectivo stand is on the right (as you walk north) behind a gate in a small dirt parking lot. You can, of course, take a taxi straight through Pochutla from the beaches.

Restaurant Los Reyes, $-$$, (R)
On highway 175 just south of town, Los Reyes serves from a very familiar menu of Oaxacan staples. Also on the premises is a pool which can be used for the day for Mex$20. They also can arrange for a taxi (Mex$60) to the waterfall about a mile southwest of town.

Take a camioneta along the dirt road leading southwest out of town. Tell the driver you want to get off at the trail head to the waterfall. The trail head is a sharp turn to the right in the road with a small green building where a man sells coconuts and water. The unmarked trail head is on the left side of dirt road. Follow it downhill for about a hundred meters until you see another, smaller, trail which leads off the the left. Follow it until you read the waterfall.

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