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San Juan Teitipac, Oaxaca

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From the city of Oaxaca, colectivos (Mex$18) originating from the sitio southeast of the Abastos market stop at the sitio across the street from the baseball stadium, before going on to San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya. These same colectivos, if not full, pass through Santa María del Tule and can be taken from the traffic light on the main road, Benito Juarez, to San Juan Teitipac. Make sure to take the colectivos marked San Juan Teitipac and not the ones marked San Sebastián Teitipac. Luckily, San Sebastián Teitipac is the last village you pass through before reaching San Juan Teitipac, so if you do make this mistake, you can always hop the next colectivo on its way to San Juan Teitipac. To return to Oaxaca or Santa María del Tule (Mex$15), colectivos depart from the sitio in front of the church. Do not take photographs of the church without getting permission first; otherwise, you could find yourself being fined. For whatever reason, permission is usually not granted. Good luck trying, though.

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