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San Pablo Huitzo, Oaxaca

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From Oaxaca City colectivos depart frequently from the sitio on Trujano, west of Periférico Sur and north of the Abastos market. Alternatively, white shuttle vans (MX$14), holding a dozen or so people, run frequently from the northwest corner of the Abastos market. Look for white vans with Huitzo on the windows at the far end of Juárez Maza. (See map for pin.) Once you arrive in Huitzo, have the driver drop you off in front of the Municipal building. The church and convent are off to the right. The church is free, while entrance to the monastery is by donation. To return to the city, flag a white van or colectivo or try and flag one down where you got dropped off. One should be along soon.

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