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Santiaguito Etla, Oaxaca

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From Oaxaca City, colectivos (MX$10), displaying Santiaguito on their front windows, depart frequently for the pueblo from the sitio on Trujano, west of Periférico Sur and north of the sprawling Abastos market. The petting zoo is about one kilometer west of the municipal building in the pueblo. For a few more pesos, most colectivo drivers will make the short trip there. Otherwise, mototaxis are readily available, cruising the main road through the pueblo. In lieu of mechanized transport, though, the walk from the pueblo is quite pleasant, passing through corn fields and by herds of goats and sheep grazing along the side of road, the entrance well marked by a small but conspicuous sign. (See the blue path on the map for directions.) An alternative to the colectivos, buses depart frequently from the Central, the second-class bus station on the north of the Abastos market, dropping their passengers off along the main road through the pueblo.

To return to the city, flag down any mototaxi heading back to the pueblo, or do the walk again. Once there, flag down any colectivo or bus heading back to the Central. If you don't see one right away, be patient, one should be along soon.

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