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Student Discount Travel Agencies — México

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Several travel agencies specialize in discount flights, specials, tours, rail passes, accommodations, vacation packages, and tours for students and young adults. They're also a good place to buy travel insurance and international student ID cards. Don't automatically assume their prices are the lowest available; always compare their quotes against the prices available from the discount travel search and airline websites.

www.statravel.com With over 450 branches, STA Travel is the largest student travel agency in the world. In the US call 1-800-781-4040 toll-free, in the UK call 0871 230 0040. Check website for local contact information.
www.travelcuts.com Travel Cuts has offices in Canada and the US, along with student and youth travel affiliates and partners worldwide. In Canada call 1-866-246-9762 toll-free, in the US call 1-800-592-2887 toll-free. Check website for local contact information.
www.usit.ie USIT has offices across the Republic of Ireland, an office in Belfast (Call Center number 01 602 1906), and an office in Sydney, Australia (1 800 092 499). Check website for local contact information.
www.studentuniverse.com Student Universe is a discount travel website that searches dozens of major airlines for student, teacher, and young adult discounts. To receive discount fares, passengers will need to verify their status as a student/teacher or their age (18-25).

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