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Taxi — México

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Taxis are a relatively inexpensive way to get around towns and cities, expect to pay around Mex$10 per km/0.6 mi. Depending on the city or town, taxis may or may not be metered. If there's a meter, ask if it's working, and if it is, request it be run. If there's no meter or it's not working, make sure to set the price with the driver before getting in. Haggling is a given. Drivers normally do not expect tips. Nevertheless, if a driver has been especially helpful, consider leaving one.

Most airports of any size and some bus stations have regulated taxi stands, where set-price tickets are purchased at taquillas, ticket windows or booths, and then handed over to a driver, saving the hassle of haggling and maybe being ripped off. The downside is prices are somewhat higher. When available, it's probably best to use these stands. Keep in mind, regulatory agencies usually enforce these kinds of remedies because of past and present abuses.

Renting taxis for day trips can be more more convenient than taking buses, which often do not go directly to desired locations, and will give more autonomy of movement than packaged tours, which usually have fixed itineraries. For a taxi for the day, expect to pay around Mex$500-700. Even though this is pricier than tours normally charge and certainly a lot more than buses, solo travelers or couples can team up with other travelers to split the costs.

In México City, do not hail a taxi on the street unless it is absolutely necessary. Robberies and physical assaults by persons posing as taxi drivers is not unheard of. Always have the front desk call for a taxi or find a sitio (designated taxi stand) when out.

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