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Taxi — Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

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Taxis are a relatively inexpensive way to get around , expect to pay around Mex$35-40 to anywhere in the Centro. Since they're not metered in Oaxaca, it's important to agree on the price beforehand. Drivers normally do not expect tips. Nevertheless, if a driver has been especially helpful, consider leaving one.

Renting taxis for day trips can be more more convenient than taking buses, which often do not go directly to desired locations, and will give more autonomy of movement than packaged tours, which usually have fixed itineraries. For a taxi for the day, expect to pay around Mex$500-700. Even though this is pricier than tours normally charge and certainly a lot more than buses, solo travelers or couples can team up with other travelers to split the costs.

Taxis can be either flagged down anywhere or found queued up at sitios (taxi stands) on many major streets. There are dozens scattered around town, just ask anyone for the nearest one. Listed below are a couple of the more centrally locatedsitios.

Taxi Stand, Alameda de León   Taxi Stand     (D)

Taxi Stand, Abasolo   Taxi Stand     (Y)

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