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Telephone — Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

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Cheap local, long-distance, and international calls can be made from telephone call offices or with Ladatel phone cards from any public phone.

For quiet and privacy, some telephone call offices have enclosed private booths. This is their primary advantage over using Ladatel phone cards from public phones since the price difference between the two is negligible. There also doesn't appear to be much variation in prices among call offices, especially when there are several near each other.

Many business are one-stop providers of multiple services: internet access, photocopying, phone service, fax, mail, and so on. Most post their services and prices outside or somewhere conspicuous inside.

Approximate costs per minute for call offices:

Canada, US, Long-distance within México Mex$3
Europe, Asia, other Latin America Mex$7
Local calls Mex$1

Ladatel phone cards, issued by Telmex, México's monopolistic national phone company, are, by far, the most widely used, readily available, consistent on costs, reliable, and easiest to use phone cards for all types of calls in or from México. There are many other domestic phone card options available besides Telmex, particularly in places where travelers frequent. However, user satisfaction with these cards is mixed. Some offer fair deals, while others end up costing an exorbitant amount. Despite Telmex being a monopoly, Ladatel cards are still a better all around deal for calls in or from México than other phone cards sold in México or purchased back home. Generally, stay away from non-Telmex cards while in México unless their costs and reliability can be assured.

Blue-and-yellow Ladatel tarjetas (cards) are sold everywhere, just look for signs posted in store windows, and can be used with any public phone. Cards come in amounts of MX$30, MX$50 and MX$100.

Approximate cost per minute for Ladatel cards:

Local calls to landlines MX$1
Long-distance calls to landlines MX$4
Local calls to cell phones MX$3
US or Canada (except Alaska and Hawaii) MX$5
Long-distance calls to cell phones MX$6
Central America MX$10
The rest of the world MX$20-25

Warning: when using any phone card in México, if an operator asks for credit card information instead of a calling card number, there's a scam afoot. Do not give out credit card information and hang up immediately.

Both are widely available in the Centro, only a few of which are listed here.

Visit the Telephone page for additional information on making phone calls in México.

Interactive Internet   Internet Café, Telephone     (A)
Cheap internet access for Mex$10/hr, telephone and fax service, long hours including weekends, conveniently located on Alcalá across the street from the Iglesia de Santo Domingo.

Fray-Net   Internet Café, Telephone     (C)
Cheap internet access for Mex$10/hr, telephone and fax service, shorter hours than most other internet cafés.

Café Internet   Internet Café, Telephone     (G)
Cheap internet access for Mex$9/hr, telephone and fax service, long hours including weekends, conveniently located one block north of the Zócalo.

Public Phones, Alameda de León   Telephone     (H)
Use Ladatel phone cards to make calls from one of the dozen or so public phones located on the west side of the park.

Comunicacion Dinamica Estrada   Telephone     (U)
Cheap local, long-distance, and international calls; private booths; long hours including weekends; convenient location on Independencia 2 blocks west of the Zócalo.

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