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Airport     (H)
Most international flights to Huatulco (HUX) have same day connections through México City with MexicanaClick, Mexicana's low-cost affiliate, except for Continental flying to/from Houston 2-4 times a week depending on the season. Domestically, Mexicana and Interjet both fly daily non-stop to/from México City. Aerotucán is the only other carrier operating out of the airport, flying small prop planes to/from the city of Oaxaca (30 minutes), the flights replete with stunning views of the rugged southern coastal mountain range, the Sierra Madre del Sur. For anyone wanting to fly direct to the Oaxacan coast, Huatulco is by far a better airport to fly into than Puerto Escondido, with many more daily flights and much lower fares, unless, of course, Puerto Escondido is the only destination.

  • Just off Highway 200 about 11km (7 mi) west of the exit to La Crucecita and 25km (16 mi) east of Highway 175 (near Puerto Ángel).;  phone 958-581-9004;  www.asur.com.mx.  
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