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ADO First-class Bus Station   Bus Station     (O)
The bus lines operating out of this station — ADO, ADO GL, Cuenca, OCC, and UNO — offer long-distance executive and first-class bus service. Some buses fill up quickly. To ensure seats, purchase tickets at least a day or two in advance of travel dates, especially on weekends and holidays.

NotesPickCheckMark.png Xiguela   Grocery Store, Organic     (X)
This small corner store has, hands down, the best selection of organic and natural food in town. Indeed, if you have been looking for some special organic or natural product in the city and have not been able to find it, this place is your best bet. Across the street, the owner also runs Café Xiguela, a small corner café serving excellent coffee and espresso, as well as light, healthy snacks and sandwiches for vegetarians and carnivores.

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