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NotesPickCheckMark.png El Biche Pobre   Oaxacan Restaurant     $$-$$$     (A)
In a nicely restored two-story colonial building, this moderately priced neighborhood restaurant serves up gut-busting portions of delicious Oaxacan classics, including several of the seven moles. Dine downstairs among the sounds and smells emanating from the kitchen or upstairs where it is a little more tranquilo. Nestled in the day-dreamy Barrio de Jalatlaco, this place is well worth the twenty-minute walk from the Zócalo. Not up for the walk? Then catch a cab from the taxi stand on the north side of the Alameda de León.

Café Xiguela   Café, Vegetarian     (X)
This small café serves excellent coffee and espresso, as well as light, healthy snacks and sandwiches for vegetarians and carnivores. Across the street, the owner also runs Xiguela, a small corner store that has, hands down, the best selection of organic and natural food in town. Indeed, if you have been looking for some special organic or natural product in the city and have not been able to find it, this place is your best bet.

El Ágora de Jalatlaco   Café, Tea     (S)

Blasón   Café     (S)

La Toscana   Italian Restaurant, Pizza, Wine     $$$-$$$$     (C)

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