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NotesPickCheckMark.png Mercado 20 de Noviembre   Market, Oaxacan Restaurants, Mezcal     $-$$     (A)
O.K., folks, this place is it, the real deal – a whole city block of food stalls catering to locals and serving only authentic Oaxacan food, all for only a few pesos. For breakfast, head straight to the La Pereñita food stall and order a righteous cup of steaming champurrado, atole mixed with chocolate, which goes down nicely with a roll of pan de yema, egg-yolk bread. Outside, ringing the market, there are several well-stocked mezcal shops, making this a good place to pick up a bottle at a bargain. Be sure to sample the product before buying.

NotesPickCheckMark.png La Red   Seafood Restaurant     $$-$$$     (M)
A local favorite, this marisquería inspires repeat visits with its low prices, tasty seafood, and welcoming vibe. There are two La Red restaurants in the city, one in the Centro Histórico, a block south of the Zócalo, the other in the Reforma neighborhood, about a thirty-minute walk north of the Zócalo.

La Flor de Oaxaca   Oaxacan Restaurant     $$-$$$     (B)
In a quiet space, seemingly far removed from the raucous city streets surrounding it, this unpretentious little restaurant serves up faithful renditions of classic Oaxacan dishes at affordable prices, making it a fine place to retreat to after a long day of visiting the city’s many sights.

Tayu   Oaxacan Restaurant     $-$$     (C)
Great food, large portions, and low prices make this south of Independencia Oaxacan a favorite of budget travelers and locals alike.

Café Alex   Oaxacan Restaurant     $-$$     (D)
Located three blocks west of the Zócalo, this south of Independencia Oaxacan dishes up large portions of traditional food at low prices. Anyone looking for a quiet meal, though, should steer clear of the interior courtyard — the squawking from the caged birds can be deafening.

La Coronita   Oaxacan Restaurant     $-$$     (E)
Yet another south of Independencia Oaxacan serving large portions of delicious food at low prices. For the best deals, stick with the breakfast specials and afternoon comida corrida.

Pastelería Quemen   Bakery     $     (A)
Good coffee, cakes, sweets, and a few meat filled pastries.

Casa Elpidia   Oaxacan Restaurant     $-$$     (F)
Luring a mostly local crowd with its delicious home-style meals and low prices, this small, family-run restaurant has no a la carte menu, serving only breakfast specials in the morning and comida corrida in the afternoon.

Fidel Pan Integral   Bakery     $     (O)
Conveniently located a block west of the Zócalo, the Fidel Pan Integral bakery has a nice selection of croissants, sweet breads, and cookies. Everything is baked daily.

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