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Tipping — México

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A tip is rarely ever added to the check and whether to tip and the amount is left up to the customer. Keep in mind that Méxican workers in businesses that cater to tourists depend on tips to augment their wretched wages.

Some guidelines to tip by:

  • In expensive restaurants waiters expect 10% to 15%, in less expensive establishments 10% or less is sufficient.
  • In bars and clubs waiters expect 10% to 15%.
  • Although not expected, consider giving a tip of 10% of the cost of the hotel room to the staff who have worked hard at extremely low wages cleaning your room and otherwise being helpful during your stay.
  • For a porter hauling luggage Mex$10 should be sufficient.
  • Drivers normally do not expect tips. Nevertheless, if a driver has been especially helpful, consider leaving one.
  • For parking and gas-station attendants Mex$5 should be fine.
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