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Villa de Etla, Oaxaca

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From the city of Oaxaca, colectivos (MX$11), displaying Etla in the front windows, depart almost continuously for the Villa de Etla from the sitio on Trujano, west of Periférico Sur and north of the Abastos market.

Take the colectivo to the turnaround point, the sitio just below the Mercado. That way you'll know where to find the sitio when your ready to return to the city, or try and flag one down along Morelos, the main road into town from the highway, that's heading back to the city. Alternatively, buses(MX5.5) buses leave often from the Central, the second-class bus station, north of the Abastos market.

A good day to visit Villa de Etla, usually just referred to as Etla, is Wednesday, market day, the streets around the church and Mercado Municipal Porfirio Díaz filling with vendors and shoppers. After a morning of shopping, head over to Restaurante Chefy for some traditional Oaxacan cuisine. Next door to Chefy is the Villa de Etla, providing modest rooms for a modest price.

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