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Wiring Money — Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

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The quickest way to receive money from abroad is to wire it using MoneyGram or Western Union. Once sent, the cash is usually available for collection from a local agent in México within minutes. The cost, however, is exorbitant and this method should only be used in case of emergency. Both companies charge on a sliding scale based on the amount being sent. The greater the amount being sent, the cheaper the fee.

Both companies' websites have information on fees, how to send and receive funds, and agents located worldwide.

MoneyGram www.moneygram.com
Western Union www.westernunion.com

For a list of banks in Oaxaca that act as local agents for wiring money see Banks & ATMs.

Another, albeit more complicated method of wiring money, is to transfer funds directly from a bank in your home country to a bank in México. The person wiring the money will need to know the Telex number of the bank in Mexico receiving the funds. This method makes the most sense for ex-patriots living in México who have a local bank account and rely on funds from abroad.

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