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Auditorio Guelaguetza — Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

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Guelaguetza Amphitheater     (A)
Drawing tens of thousands of attendees to events throughout the state, the Guelaguetza is Oaxaca's largest, most dazzling festival. The main event is held in the city of Oaxaca at the 11,000 person open-air Auditorio Guelaguetza amphitheater on the side of the Cerro del Fortín hill, about a mile's walk from the Zócalo, while in the villages and towns smaller unique versions of the festival are staged. On the first two Mondays after July 16, known as Los Lunes del Cerro (Mondays on the Hill), the festival is celebrated by costumed dancers from the seven regions of the state performing folk dances of cultural and historical significance. The word Guelaguetza is Zapotecan and means "to exchange gifts". And in this spirit, the dancers symbolically exchange gifts by throwing produce to the audience at the end of each performance.

  • Beginning at the intersection of Indepedencia and Alcalá (across the street from the cathedral) walk up traffic-free Alcalá for about half a mile (0.8km) to Carranza.
  • Turn left on Carranza and continue three blocks to Tinoco y Palacios.
  • Turn right on Tinoco y Palacios and then almost immediately turn left on Boca del Monte. Continue one block to Crespo.
  • Turn right on Crespo and continue about a block to the staircase on the left side of the Crespo.
  • Continue up the staircase, through the tunnel, to the amphitheater.
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