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Flying from the US — México

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Because of the large volume of traffic and close proximity between the two countries, US travelers have by far the most routes and carriers to chose from. Indeed, there are non-stop flights from almost every major airport in the US (and even some smaller regional ones) to many major cities and resorts in México. For destinations without non-stop service, feeder flights and connections through US or Méxican hubs (or both) are available.

The cheapest fares are usually non-stop flights from southern US hubs such as Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, and Miami to major cities and resorts in México, although low-cost fares can often be found in other major US airports such as Chicago, New York, Denver, Boston, Cleveland, De­troit, Minneapolis, and Seattle, especially with charter flights during high seasons.

The number of airlines with non-stop flights from the US to México is too numerous to list here. That said, Continental probably has the best non-stop coverage of any carrier from the US from its hub in Houston. Next in coverage is American Airlines from its hub in Dallas. Also worth mentioning are Mexicana and Aeroméxico; both have extensive coverage from the US. Other carriers with significant numbers of non-stop flights are Alaska Airlines, Delta, Frontier, Interjet, Spirit, Sun Country, US Airways, VivaAerobus, and Volaris.

A quick way to figure out carrier, route, and fare options is to check a few of the travel search websites such as www.expedia.com and www.travelocity.com.

Domestics flights in México are usually much cheaper than international flights from the US, including those to the interior and far south from border cities such as Ciudad Juárez and Tijuana. Méxican airports near the border offer an opportunity for low-cost flights to the country's interior for anyone living or traveling near them. For more information, read the article "Domestic Air Travel."

As of June 1, 2009, passports are mandatory for re-entry into the US by air from México. For more information on exit and entry requirements, read the article "Passports, Visas, & Tourist Cards."

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