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San Jacinto Ocotlán, Oaxaca

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The Templo de San Jacinto Ocotlán is an easy 10 minute walk from the Zócalo in Ocotlán. Head south on Morelos (the main road, highway 175, into Ocotlán de Morelos), which turns into Benito Juárez, for five blocks until the paved road turns to dirt. There, beneath the large green street sign that says Boulevard Ferrocarril, red mototaxis are usually parked that will take you to the church for Mex$4. (Don't try and take the white mototaxis. Apparently, they can't travel into San Jacinto Ocotlán.) Otherwise, continue walking south on Benito Juárez, now a dirt road, for one very long block, until you come to Independencia. Turn right and head west for three blocks. The church will be on the left. The church is usually open to the public during the day. To return to Ocotlán by mototaxi, look for the red mototaxis that are usually parked west of the main entrance to the church, just past the basketball court.

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